7 Things a Realtor Will Do to Go Above and Beyond

7 Things a Realtor Will Do to Go Above and Beyond

According to the National Association of Realtors, 41% of home sellers who used an agent found their realtor through a friend’s or family’s recommendation. Another 26% used the same realtor as they had previously. Needless to say, word-of-mouth and a positive experience play big roles in a real estate agent’s success.

Aside from the traits that every agent should have, like good communication, negotiating skills, and knowledge of the local market, the best St. Louis realtors go a step further. They will help uncertain buyers define what they want, price seller’s homes just right for the market, and then work to get them their asking price or more

And then there are the true stars of the real estate world: Remarkable realtors who go above and beyond in ways that surprise and delight their clients and make their colleagues proud. Here are some of the industry stories we’ve heard around the watercooler at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties.

1. They Can Be There When You Can’t

It used to be unheard of, but with the increased use of the internet to market homes, buyers can search for houses from miles away. In the case of people relocating to a different part of the country, their circumstances (job, school, our recent pandemic) can prevent them from touring homes in person if they’d prefer to. 

Stand-out realtors are able to work with clients before they meet them face-to-face. With a combination of phone calls, videos, and facetime, they can “show” properties to help narrow down a buyer’s search. They may even give them a virtual tour of the neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Can only get to town for a day to look at your options? Great realtors shine here, too. For example, if you’re working with Select Properties, we’ve been known to help with travel arrangements and transportation from Lambert International Airport to look at your possible future home.

2. They’ll Tap Into Their Contact List For You

Realtor going above and beyond by calling one of their contacts to help a client

Realtors who know their business also know a lot of people. And those business contacts can help make a home sale or purchase that much smoother. Agents who are ready to go above and beyond are more than happy to hook their clients up with the cream of the crop.

For example, is financing falling through? They can find alternative lenders. Need to get the dead tree cut down that’s ruining your curb appeal? They’ll know a guy. Want to sell Aunt Martha’s house furnished, but the buyer doesn’t want the furniture? They will find a charity that will come and pick it up. 

Helping out clients is what realtors do, but some go way beyond the real estate sale.

3. They’re Not Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

Sometimes things happen that require some physical labor on short notice. Take an open house right after a big storm. If your real estate agent rolls up his or her sleeves to help move a fallen tree, or pick up branches and debris from the yard, you know you’ve got someone special.

Select Properties agents have taken out their share of forgotten trash, cleaned smears off windows and mirrors that weren’t noticeable until the light was just right, and quickly stowed away clutter before a showing or open house. They do whatever it takes, especially when time is tight.

4. They Step Up in a Crisis

Moving in or out of a home involves so many moving parts. Coordinating closing dates and moving dates, working with the title company, doing a final walkthrough (and cleanout!), turning utilities on or off, hiring and guiding movers, and much more. Great realtors are ready to help with all of it, especially when their clients are in a bind. 

For example, we recently had a case where, just 3 days before a deal was set to close, the title company found a lien on the seller’s title. The seller had documents that proved payment, but the originating bank couldn’t be reached… as it had been out of business for almost 20 years! Our agent worked tirelessly for a day and a half to untangle the web of confusion so the closing could go on as planned. Not only did she make it happen, she kept a smile on her face and earned a client for life.

When buyers or sellers are blindsided by things that throw them off schedule, like the story above, or just simple life events like illnesses, accidents, births, deaths, or even a car breaking down, some realtors will go above and beyond to get things done. They have been known to deliver closing papers to hospitals, reschedule services, meet the movers at the house—whatever it takes.

5. They (Might) Turn a No into Yes

Couple celebrating after their realtor helped them buy their dream home

Select Properties realtors want to see you in your St. Louis dream home—even if it’s not for sale. Some agents are not afraid to knock on a door to broach the subject of selling with the homeowner. They will put those exceptional negotiating skills to work to let them know someone is interested and what type of sale price they could be looking at. Perhaps they’ve already been pondering a sale, or will be intrigued to know how much their house is worth. Either way, an agent with an “it never hurts to ask” attitude is a terrific find!

This type of above and beyond confidence just might get you the house you want.

6. They Can Save You a Fortune—or Your Credit Rating

Real estate agents get to know their clients well. This is why so many people hire the same ones each time they move. They “click” and build a relationship. 

The best real estate agents not only listen, but give good advice. If they find out, for example, that a client is planning to buy a car or a boat at the same time they are looking for a house, they can steer them away from it, or at least suggest better timing for those purchases to avoid a credit hit. Realtors know how buying a home affects your credit, something a first-time or inexperienced homebuyer might not realize. A great agent will take the time to educate clients about these important topics.

Realtors will sometimes go above and beyond by not making a sale. Giving an honest opinion that a house is a bad investment for a particular buyer may be hard to hear. But the client will be so grateful when they find a home that is truly in their best financial interest. 

7. They Know That It’s Not Just Houses, But People

During COVID-19, especially, conscientious realtors went to great lengths to make sure both buyers and sellers stayed safe. They were sensitive to clients’ concerns by doing things like providing PPE, having virtual meetings, and staggering in-person showings. Our Select Properties agents even delivered gifts of toilet paper to our clients during the shortage!

Realtors go above and beyond their job descriptions in all kinds of ways both big and small. Find a realtor who will put on his or her rain boots to walk through the yard with you. Or one who doesn’t mind when you have to bring the kids (or dog!) along, and may even play with them while you take a tour. 

Being accommodating to clients’ needs is all in a day’s work for the realtors at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties. Give us a call to see how we go above and beyond for you.

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